A downloadable game for Windows

*** You CAN play without a VR HMD ***

This is my 13th LD in a row and my 4th LD anniversary and I've been really close of not taking part of it!

Anyway, here's a little game I did both for LD and the VRJam: A game where you have to guess a geometric figure just with its shadow.

*** HOW TO PLAY ***

Choose the correct object by watching the shadows on the wall and ceiling.

*** CONTROLS ***

-= COMMON =-

  • ESC to go back or exit the game.

-= Desktop Mode (No HMD) =-

  • Look around: Mouse
  • Select: Mouse click / space bar

-= VR HDM =-

  • Look around : just... look around :)
  • Select: Gamepad button A / mouse click / space bar

*** Tested HMD ***

Tested with a DK2 and Oculus Runtime 1.3. Should work with Oculus Rift and maybe HTC Vive too? (leave me a comment if it works!)

You can play the WebGL version here

Install instructions

Works without HDM too. Only tested with a DK2 & Oculus runtime 1.3


ShadowMorph_Rift.zip 12 MB

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